Careless Talk, Lies and Grace

Reading the story of Rachael in Gen 30: 1-22; Gen 31:19-35; and Gen 35:16-18, I could not help but feel that it is one fit to go into a primary school moral instruction syllabus. In these passages we are introduced to Rachael, a young beautiful maiden who won the heart of Jacob. However beyond the circumstance of her marriage to Jacob I want to focus on Rachael’s characters, and what we can learn as Christians from her life as presented in the bible.

Rachael did not have things smooth all the way as she was barren for many years while her sister Leah-also married to her husband-had sons. In her frustration she complains to her husband and told him to give her a child or she will die (Gen 30:1). Rachael made this careless statement out of ignorance as she did not understand God’s plan for her life or her unborn children. However, God chose to bless her in due time with a son-Joseph. Also, we learn in Gen 31:19-35 how Rachael stole her father’s idol when Jacob decided to relocate his family. This action tell us that even though she was married to Jacob, who served Yahweh-the true God- Rachael did not know Him well enough to trust Him to bring her all she ever wanted in life. And we are told that when her father discovered the items missing he was angry and went after the departing household. Rachael went on to lie to her father when he came to search her tent for the idols. This act of deceit put her and her fleeing family in danger.

Despite the foregoing where we see Rachael as a careless talker and deceiver, I am amazed by God approach in dealing with her. In return for her bad behavior God was merciful and gracious to her. Notwithstanding her deficiencies, God was with her all the way. He blessed her with her first son Joseph, who went on to be ruler of Egypt and savior of the Israelite people during the great famine. Also, God honored the desires of her heart because after giving birth to Joseph she made a plea that she might have another son and in Gen 35:16-18 God answered her prayer by giving her Benjamin.

If there is one lesson to take home from the bible account of Rachael, it will be an appreciation OF THE EMMENCE GRACE OF GOD to have mercy on who He chooses to have mercy on (Romans 9:15) because He first loved us even before we knew Him(1 John 4:19). We can be rest assured of His faithfulness even when we do not measure up to His standards.

“Nothing humbles and breaks the heart of a sinner like mercy and love. Souls that converse much with sin and wrath, may be much terrified; but souls that converse much with grace and mercy, will be much humbled.”….(Thomas Brooks)

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