The Process Matters Too

Please take a moment to consider this imagery. You enter into a store and buy what looks like a regular can of fizzy drink. You take it home, open it and take a sip only to find that it taste like pop but without the tingling sensation it is supposed to produce. This can of pop in my estimation is not the real thing. Something must have gone wrong with the process of making this less than perfect can of pop that made it fail its final test of taste.


Please pardon my candidness but often times we Christian can turn out to be just as less than perfect as this can of pop. God designs situations into our lives that are meant to test our faith and calling. Some of us graciously stand up to the challenge and come out heroes of the faith, and others fail their tests (however God is merciful and sometimes gives us second chances).

The difference between these two categories of Christians nonetheless can often times be rooted to the different attitudes adopted each during spiritual growth processes.


Growing takes time and uncomfortable stretching, which are two combinations our human nature detest if you are of a certain school of thought. Many of us like to be comfortable, and the growing period sometimes robs us of this. Yet it is essential that we go through such periods if we are to build capacity to face the true tests of faith. The heroes of faith have one thing in common; they bear the inconveniences of growing with grace. They develop the right attitudes towards their situation. They see God and rely on His grace to see them through the process, which ensures that they learn all that God meant for them to learn in that season and build godly capacity for greater challenges. Meanwhile, the later category of Christians lack the ability to see God in the growing process. They might give in to complain and self-pity, failing to learn all they need to learn from the process. The end result is that they do not have what it takes to be qualified as overcomers when they are confronted with the real test of their faith.


REFLECTION: please take a minute to ponder on what your attitude as a Christian is and should be towards God designed situations that are meant to build you up. Do you see them as opportunities to grow spiritually or to complain, finding a way out if you can? Where you stand matters and can set you apart as a hero of faith or an immature Christian. Keep one thing in mind, the process matters as much as the product.

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